Who We Are

talented computer “geeks”

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Realize your ideas with the REID Consulting team – an enthusiastic group of talented computer “geeks” who enjoy taking your good ideas and turning them into great applications. As your small development center for high quality software, we work closely with you as a dedicated programmer. Our team is both capable of and enthusiastic about even the most challenging of development tasks.

Our consultants are your new tech guys. The full-service offerings that we provide make it possible for you to get the best of IT support and software application development without adding to your payroll.


What We Do

deliver solutions


Our programmers promptly deliver solutions for your most daunting business challenges.

We work as a small development center and offer professional insights to help you find the best path for successful implementation of your ideas. REID Consulting addresses your unique business needs through custom application development strategies, including the establishment of the PROD environment on a built-from-scratch dedicated server or hosted through cloud platform options such as AWS or Azure. We are prepared to handle all aspects of project infrastructure establishment including ensuring version control, supporting wiki documentation and issue tracking.


Our full range of services includes, among others:

- Cloud solutions

- Post-production support

- Quality assurance

- Server configuration

- Software web development

- Technical analytics and data visualizations


What We Use

advanced technologies



Our programmers use advanced technologies and agile software development methodologies. In our search for a rapid application development framework, our team implemented Grails as our open-source web application framework. Now our go-to framework, Grails emphasizes convention over configuration to enable a dynamic development experience. Like any other RAD framework, Grails is efficient in prototyping and morphing ideas into code. The wide range of Grails plug-ins allows for superb features and simple and convenient integration with other systems.

The REID Consulting team of developers has expertise in many other platforms and systems including AWS (S3, RDS, EC2), Windows Azure (Instances with load balancing) and MongoDB. We are also versed in integrations with numerous public services including MailChimp, Twilio, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and SoundCloud.



Have an idea and don't know how to realize it?

REID Consulting will realize all your ideas

REID Consulting will realize all your ideas

Benefit from partnership with REID Consulting

REID Consulting is a trusted IT partner that handles all technical facets of business software creation

REID Consulting is a trusted IT partner that handles all technical facets of business software creation

Enjoy express delivery of a high-quality application

App delivery within time and budget

App delivery within time and budget